High-risk insurance for the Central African Republic

15 September 2014

Described as ‘Africa’s Forgotten Conflict,’ the violence in the Central African Republic (CAR) continues to claim lives. 

Since the Muslim rebel coalition, Seleka, seized power in March 2013, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice has been against all travel to the Central African Republic (CAR), making specialist high-risk insurance advisable for anyone planning to visit or work there.

Ever-present violence

Blessed with a wealth of natural resources, yet blighted by poverty, this landlocked former French colony has faced an almost ever-present threat of religious and ethnic violence since it gained independence in 1962. Only one president has completed a full term of office, the others all having been ousted in coups. In amongst the predominant Christian and Muslim communities, CAR also has over 80 other ethnic groups, each with their own language. 

Most recently, ongoing violence between the country’s Christian and Muslim communities has killed thousands and displaced tens of thousands. Top French and UN officials have warned that there is a risk of genocide.

The current political and security situation in CAR has had a devastating effect on its industry and economy. Prior to the 2013 coup, CAR was ranked as the world’s 14th leading producer of rough diamonds. Following the outbreak of violence, an embargo was placed on CAR diamonds in order to stop the proceeds fuelling further conflict.

12,000 UN Peacekeepers

In a bid to stop the spiralling violence a force of 12,000 UN Peacekeepers will be deployed later this month. Elections are planned for early next year.

Bellwood Prestbury has long experience in providing high risk insurance cover for those working or travelling in the world’s most dangerous regions. We can tailor make a policy that will remain valid in the event of war or terrorism and will include comprehensive global life, personal accident and emergency medical evacuation cover. Kidnap and ransom insurance for CAR might also be advised.

Should you require insurance for the Central African Republic, please contact our team to discuss your specific needs. 

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