High-risk insurance for construction workers in Libya

21 July 2015

Four Italian construction workers have been kidnapped in Libya, the Italian foreign ministry has confirmed. The group were taken on Sunday evening near an oil and gas complex in the western city of Mellitah. 

This follows an attack in March when terrorists killed eight oil workers and kidnapped nine foreign nationals at Al Ghani oilfield, 470 miles south east of Tripoli.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) state there is a high threat of terrorism throughout Libya. ISIL-affiliated groups have stated an intention to target foreigners and there is clear evidence that groups within Libya have both the intent and capability to carry out kidnappings and are specifically targeting foreign nationals.

The FCO list the following recent attacks:

  • Two British nationals have been kidnapped by armed groups in Libya since 2014
  • In April 2015, 2 groups of Ethiopian Christians were executed by ISIL in Libya in 2 locations
  • In February 2015, 10 oil workers were killed and 3 foreign nationals were kidnapped in an attack on Mabruk oilfield
  • In February 2015, 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians were murdered by ISIL-affiliated terrorists
  • In January 2015, 9 people, including 5 foreign nationals, were killed in a terrorist attack on an international hotel in Tripoli

Specialist high-risk Libya insurance is essential

Current FCO advice is against all travel to Libya due to the ongoing fighting, threat of terrorist attacks and risk of kidnap for foreigners. In view of this, and the dangerously unpredictable security situation, anyone travelling to Libya should be aware that standard business and travel insurance is unlikely to be valid.

If you have people who are continuing to work in Libya or need to visit, Bellwood Prestbury can organise specialist high-risk Libya insurance. We work with many clients across North Africa and the Middle East in known conflict zones, providing protection for people, liabilities and assets.

For more information, please contact our experienced team on: +44 (0) 207 305 5650.

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