Evacuation cover, a must-have for expatriates

13 October 2015

Being an expatriate comes with many challenges. There are the relocation costs to account for, a new bank account to open, building a credit history with the banks, finding appropriate schools for your children at an affordable cost, and then of course learning to speak the local language. 

With all of that to think about, it is no wonder that many forget to take time to source an appropriate international medical insurance plan that fits in with their budget and provides for medical evacuation.

Unfortunately for those who do not consider it necessary to have international medical insurance cover, much less a plan that covers them for evacuation, the cost of that decision can end in financial ruin.

Why? Depending upon where you fall ill or are injured, the distance to be flown to reach suitable medical facilities and the type of aircraft/transportation needed, a typical medical evacuation by air ambulance could cost you anywhere from US$10,000 to upwards of US$100,000.

Too often there are media reports of expatriates that have been involved in mishaps abroad either having no insurance or for a variety of reasons having their claim declined by their insurer, leading to friends and family having to raise funds to help repatriate them. 

Disaster in Japan costs over US$180,000 

Take, for example, the case where an expatriate working in Japan had a life altering experience. 

The person’s evacuation and medical care costs amounted to over US$180,000. An amount that had he not been insured would have resulted in an additional financial burden and trauma for the family.

Emergency in West Africa costs over US$100,000

An expatriate working in a mine in a remote part of West Africa fell ill and it quickly became clear that it would be necessary to transfer him to hospital so that he could be stabilised.

Following admission to hospital, the patient was further assessed and a full diagnosis given. A decision was made by the treating medical officer to keep the patient in the hospital for 24 hours. However, regular progress reports showed that the patient needed to be transferred to another medical facility by air ambulance to prevent a rapid deterioration of the patient’s condition.

Arriving in South Africa, the member was admitted to the ICU wing of the hospital before being moved to a high care ward where he remained for two weeks, with costs running to over US$100,000.

The solution

Make sure that when you move abroad, whether it be for a short assignment or a longer term posting, you have the correct cover in place – you will be glad you did if the unexpected happens.

Speak to the experienced consultants at Bellwood Prestbury who will provide advice at no charge to help you find the right cover at the right price. Please get in touch now on +44 (0) 207 305 5650, or email us at info@bellwoodprestbury.com 

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