Egypt insurance – what to do now

1 February 2011

Is your current Egypt insurance valid during the current troubles? British Foreign Office advice at the 1st February 2011 has recommended that: “British nationals without a pressing need to be in Cairo, Alexandria or Suez leave by commercial means, where it is safe to do so.”

But what if you do have a pressing need to be there or you are one of the thousands of expats who permanently live in Cairo or the other major cities caught up in the spreading political unrest?

Stuart Dix at global insurance specialist Bellwood Prestbury says that as events unfold in Egypt, insurance for people who live or work there may require upgrading. People visiting may also find that standard travel insurance will not cover any accidents or injuries sustained as a result of the unrest.

Travel Insurance in Egypt
Standard travel insurances are often invalidated by FCO warnings once they reach “essential travel only”. At present this only applies to Cairo, Luxor, Alexandra and Suez – not the Red Sea resorts. However the FCO are on a watching brief and may change advice at any time. Please also note that most travel insurances don’t cover war/terrorism/riot, so if you are unsure, please contact Bellwood Prestbury for advice.
Expat Egypt insurance covering health, life, travel etc.
Expats should also check their health and life insurance policies to ensure they are covered for injuries sustained as a result of demonstrations, riot and police/military intervention. Again, many standard policies will not extend cover in these circumstances, but Bellwood Prestbury can organise specialist cover that will remain valid, whatever happens.

To find out more about the options for specialist insurance in Egypt or other world trouble-spots, call our team on +44 (0) 1242 584 558.

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