Demining insurance – about as high-risk as it gets

6 May 2015

Demining insurance takes into account the nature of the industry. But it’s not just the activity that is high-risk.

On Sunday 19 April the Taliban abducted 19 people working for a US-funded mine clearance programme in the eastern province of Paktia, Afghanistan. Thankfully, Afghan security forces have since been able to free them, but their experience demonstrates that the intrinsic dangers of demining are not just those presented by the task itself, but also those presented by the high-risk environments that the work frequently takes place in. 

Increasing attacks on humanitarian workers

Obviously, specialist insurance is a high priority for anyone involved in carrying out this life-saving work at considerable personal risk. Attacks by militant groups on humanitarian workers have seen an increase over recent years, and those perceived to have links to western governments or organisations are a particular target, especially for kidnap and ransom.

Anyone working in demining for the UN is required to have insurance complying with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), Standard 10.10 of which states that employers should; “ensure that adequate insurance cover exists for all employees against death, disablement and injury.”

Understanding the risks

Bellwood Prestbury has long experience in providing quality high-risk demining insurance to individuals and companies involved in the clearance of mines and unexploded ordnance. Our clients work in war zones and post conflict territories around the world and our cover complies with the highest IMAS standards. 

We understand the difficult, dangerous and unpredictable nature of local environments, as well as the work itself, and our status as Lloyd’s Coverholders means we can tailor policies to meet the specific needs of each operation or mission. 

From demining operatives, to dog handlers to clerical staff, we can put in place a robust package of protection for individuals and personnel that will include cover for life, personal accident, disability, dismemberment, and comprehensive medical and emergency evacuation insurance. We can also advise on kidnap and ransom insurance where appropriate. 

We can provide a wide range of liability cover for contractors, companies and organisations, such as public, employers, auto and products liability insurance.  Our professional indemnity insurance would also provide cover for defective workmanship or failure to clear.

If you need advice about high-risk insurance for demining anywhere in the world, please contact our experienced team at Bellwood Prestbury for a confidential discussion on +44 (0) 207 305 5650.

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