DBA Afghanistan contracts for logistics firms

5 January 2015

Our tender support team has just helped four separate firms to meet the tender requirements for a logistics contract in Afghanistan, which includes Defense Base Act (DBA) insurance.

The National Afghan Trucking – or NAT 2 tender – is for logistics support for the US military, moving equipment between bases and provinces. This includes contracts for heavy goods, dry cargo, food and other specific categories. One of the requirements for any civilian company working with US Military abroad is for DBA insurance cover.

Jonathan Hutter at Bellwood Prestbury, the consultant who helped each of the companies to cost the insurance components of their tenders, explains: 

“DBA insurance is a Workers’ Compensation programme, providing cover for death, disability and medical expenses. Local workers are covered during works hours; foreign or expatriate workers enjoy 24/7 protection whilst in the territory covered. Obviously in Afghanistan, we have to organise policies that include high-risk cover for war and terrorism.”

Flexible DBA policies for cost-effective cover

One of the advantages of Bellwood Prestbury’s DBA insurance is that it can be organised on a flexible basis. Jon says: 

“We take an initial deposit to put the cover in place and then allow the firms to call-off against it on a month by month basis, based on the number of people they have had to commit. This meets the requirements of the tender, but prevents the companies from paying for cover they don’t use. We review the policy after three months and can increase or decrease the scope based on real experience of the number of employees or contractors deployed.”

Broader logistics cover for Afghanistan

As well as DBA insurance, Bellwood Prestbury also provides a wide range of related high-risk logistics cover, including cargo insurance, vehicle cover, property plant and machinery cover and other high-risk liability insurance.

To find out more about tender support for your business, or to organise high-risk cover in dangerous places, please call our experienced team on +44 (0) 207 305 5650 or contact us today.

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