Changing lifestyles place UAE expats at risk from diabetes

3 August 2017

The infamous “Dubai stone” has become notorious among expatriates in the UAE as many get sucked into life in the fast lane and often pile on extra weight within months.

More eating out, socialising to meet new people and long working hours that sees gym time take a hit are often the root cause, but some could be putting their long-term health at serious risk.

Diabetes has become a mounting health issue for the UAE, with some of the highest rates in the world, ranking 16th globally for prevalence and according to the International Diabetes Federation, in 2015 almost one in five people living in the UAE had type 2 diabetes with men aged 55 to 59 most at risk.

Diabetes is placing huge economic strain on health providers, governments and insurers – but with early detection and disease management, as well as strong prevention programmes, that cost can be reduced and in some cases, with careful and often drastic lifestyle alterations, type 2 diabetes can be reversed.

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