Bellwood Prestbury – Lloyd’s Coverholders

24 January 2011

Bellwood Prestbury has become one of a limited number of Lloyd’s Coverholders, enabling the company to provide faster, cost-effective international cover for individuals and groups.

Bellwood Prestbury has been approved as a Lloyd’s Coverholder for Personal Accident policies, anywhere in the world, and can now create bespoke cover for global life and accident insurance, disability and dismemberment, emergency medical evacuation insurance and repatriation insurance. This includes the ability to provide cover for remote areas, and high-risk countries where terrorism or political unrest provide an added risk, such as Iraq or Afghanistan.

As Lloyd’s Coverholders, Bellwood Prestbury can now directly underwrite Personal Accident insurance on behalf of Lloyd’s, instead of having to go through a syndicate. Rob Thompson, Director at Bellwood Prestbury explains: “For our clients, it’s all about speed. They might pick up a security contract for work in Iraq or an oil and gas job in Nigeria and they need to be on a plane in days. As Lloyd’s Coverholders, we can now generate a quote almost immediately and could have cover in place within the hour.”

The whole process of becoming a Lloyd’s Coverholder has taken over a year to complete and Rob Thompson says it’s a great accolade to be accepted: “The process involves a thorough assessment of Bellwood Prestbury. They look at our experience, our systems, how we do business and our financial stability. Being accepted as a Lloyds Coverholder means that we’ve passed that kind of detailed scrutiny, which should assure all of our clients about the quality of the business we run here.”

Lloyd’s Coverholder status was officially confirmed at the beginning of January 2011. In the first week of business, Bellwood Prestbury has already written a number of pieces of business including a scheme for a group of worldwide business consultants and cover for individuals carrying out a UN contract in Afghanistan.

For more information about Bellwood Prestbury’s new status as a Lloyd’s Coverholder, call Rob Thompson on +44 (0) 1242 584 558.

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