Independent IPMI expertise

As independent international private medical insurance (IPMI) experts, we help organisations and individuals to get the best cover and to manage policies and claims, knowledgeably and efficiently.

Ensuring you get the best cover – at no extra charge

In our experience, companies and individuals often purchase IPMI cover that doesn’t quite meet their needs. We’ll ensure that you are not paying for cover you don’t need, and that any policy fully covers the risks involved. We get our commission from the insurer, so this is an entirely free service for you.

Looking after your company policy

We fully understand that Group IPMI schemes can be complicated. Bellwood Prestbury supports companies of all sizes, negotiating the best rates, administering the scheme as people join and leave, overseeing annual renewals and supporting any claims from start to completion.

IPMI cover anywhere in the world

Bellwood Prestbury has deep experience, right across the world. From cover for a single executive and her family in Indonesia, to a dozen offshore contractors in Africa, or companies with hundreds of employees across the Middle East, we provide cost-effective IPMI, right across the globe.

Free corporate audit

Ask us to review your current arrangements, without charge.

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