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Combined International Liability

15 April 2019

Combined International Liability

Combined International Liability cover, backed by Lloyd's, brings international Public Liability, Employers Liability and Professional Indemnity together, into one policy.

By grouping these covers it gives clients one simple policy to administer. It also has the potential to save money on initial premiums and build up significant discounts based on a positive claims history over subsequent years.

New Combined International Liability Policy

Responding to many international clients who find international liability cover with multiple providers expensive and inconvenient, Bellwood Prestbury has created a new combined policy.

Flexible policies

Bellwood has organised this new policy on flexible terms, to meet the diverse needs of clients working abroad, who can choose from:

  • Global international cover, including high-risk regions
  • Cover for specific countries or regions
  • Project specific cover, to meet precise contractual obligations
  • Annual or fixed term cover
  • In-field cover, only activated when your people are abroad

Simple claims procedure

With one point of contact for all liabilities, any claims are much easier to administer. Underwriters will get a better understanding of activities and are more likely to respond faster.

Proper cover, anywhere, any time

One major advantage is that clients can be confident they have robust cover, no matter where they are operating, and whatever the activity.

Peter Bellwood, Managing Director at Bellwood Prestbury explains:

“When we audit potential clients’ liability covers, we often find one or more of their policies doesn’t cover them fully for a particular territory or high-risk activity.

“This can become a major issue for claims. It may also mean that they are in breach of contract, which can be used against them if a contract dispute comes into play.

“With this policy, you will know that you are properly covered for what you need – and what is expected of you. If it can save you money too, that’s a real advantage.”

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