Key features

  • Liability insurance to cover professional advice and services, damage to third party equipment, property or injury to members of the public

  • Policy extensions to cover war & terrorism and political violence

  • Global life and personal accident insurance providing life insurance and disability cover with war and terrorism inclusions
  • Medical expenses for treatment, evacuation and repatriation, kidnap and ransom insurance and other specialist cover

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Comprehensive cover for high-risk situations and occupations

Bellwood Prestbury is a specialist in high-risk insurance, covering organisations and specialist contractors working in remote regions, dangerous occupations and challenging environments. We can provide protection for people, equipment and business liabilities, with war and terrorism cover included, anywhere in the world.

High-Risk cover, anywhere in the world

Bellwood Prestbury can provide high-risk insurance that will cover companies or contractors with contracts or assignments in hostile environments and areas of civil unrest, in post-conflict war scenarios like Afghanistan and Iraq, or during political instability as we have seen across the Middle East, and in parts of Africa.

Our experienced team can arrange cover for you or any of your team. We can advise you of any professional business liabilities you may be required to have on a local level, and help you to meet any contractual requirements you may have from governments, the UN, NGOs or private companies.

For advice for companies talk to us. For individual policies get a quote.



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Case Studies

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance in Africa

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance in Africa

Bellwood Prestbury were recently contacted by a firm of geologists undertaking projects in West Africa.

Categories: Kidnap & ransom, Kidnapping insurance, Other Industries

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Country Guides


Afghanistan has suffered a continuous state of war since the late 1970s. High-risk insurance is essential.


The constantly shifting security situation in Iraq means that only specialist high-risk business insurance will be valid.

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