International Insurance Insights - Edition 5

As an international insurance specialist, we work with numerous clients, suppliers and partners who do truly amazing things. 

In this issue, we feature Charlie Goldsmith Associates, who are helping girls in Africa get the education they deserve. You can read about Refugee Rescue, a group of musicians and artists who decided to save lives at sea. And read how PBi2 salvaged the US Black Hawk helicopter wreckage from Bakara Market in Mogadishu. 

We also spotlight the incredible charity APOPO, who use trained rats to sniff out landmines, with 100% success rate. And we bring you advice about managing the digital activity of your people abroad, from SEPAR International. 

Closer to home, we report on how a changing attitude at Lloyd’s may affect your international insurance premiums. Plus we identify riskier countries, according to the case load at NGS, the firm who provide emergency response around the world. 

I would like to thank all our contributors, for sharing the rich and varied work they do. I hope you enjoy these unique insights. 

Peter Bellwood
Managing Director, Bellwood Prestbury Limited


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