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International Insurance Insights - the latest edition

Being a Lloyd’s Broker brings us into contact with remarkable people, all around the globe.

People like Rima das Pradhan-Blach, ‘The Woman on the Frontline’ who works tirelessly to make things happen in fragile states. David Lee at Cashmere Fibres, who has been tenaciously building a cashmere processing industry in Afghanistan for over 10 years. And Angela Kilic-Cave, President at Dari Concepts, who has created a thriving business in the post-conflict chaos of Iraq.

What they all have in common, is that they like to solve problems. And that’s an attitude we completely understand.

I hope you enjoy the read. if you have any questions regarding protection for your people, assets or liabilities in high-risk or remote regions, please do get in touch.

Peter Bellwood

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