Overall, Tajikistan is currently stable, but health and transport facilities are poor and travel requires both careful planning and the correct Tajikistan insurance. Make sure you have comprehensive travel and medical insurance, including cover for evacuation by air ambulance.

Tajikistan insurance – quick facts

  • There is a risk from unexploded ordnance in some border regions
  • Women may suffer harassment if travelling alone
  • International health insurance in Tajikistan is essential, along with cover for emergency evacuation
  • Road travel can be hazardous due to poor maintenance, driving standards

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  • Specialist Tajikistan insurance – can include protection for personnel, property, vehicles and equipment
  • We can cover all of your business liabilities in Tajikistan and help you to understand and meet contractual and local insurance obligations

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  • Due to poor infrastructure, healthcare and other risks to personal security, specialist Tajikistan insurance is advised for visitors and expats
  • We can cover you for life, personal accident, personal disability, medical emergencies, evacuation and other specialist insurance needs.

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Possible dangers in Tajikistan

After a brutal civil war in the 1990s, Tajikistan is healing its wounds, and this stunning country is beginning open up to western visitors. However, there are still tensions and your Tajikistan insurance cover should be appropriately robust, particularly if you are planning to visit or operate within the remaining trouble spots.

There have been reports of armed conflict in the areas bordering Afghanistan, the Kyrgyz Republic, and Uzbekistan and these areas have both marked and unmarked minefields. Along the Afghan border there are continued armed incidents between border forces and drug traffickers.

Travel by road can be hazardous and roads outside the main towns are often accessible only by 4-wheel drive vehicles. Travel can be particularly dangerous in spring when roads are frequently blocked by avalanches and landslides.

Also be aware that this is a very conservative Muslim country and that you should be sensitive to local customs. Women are advised not to go out alone at night and may even experience harassment during the day.

Ensure that your Tajikistan insurance includes comprehensive cover for health care and medical evacuation. The country’s medical facilities are poor and ill equipped, with severe shortages of basic medical supplies such as anaesthetics, antibiotics and disposable needles. TB, typhoid, and cholera are not uncommon, and some areas have malaria. Use only boiled or bottled water and avoid ice in drinks. If you contract diarrhoea during your stay, seek immediate medical attention.

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Latest advice from the FCO

The FCO advise against all but essential travel to some parts of Tajikistan. Borders with neighbouring countries are subject to closure without notice. Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.

Latest FCO Advice