Securing specialist South Sudan insurance should be central to preparations for visiting this war torn country. The political and security situation is extremely fragile and could deteriorate quickly. Travel to South Sudan is ill-advised without expert advice, high-risk insurance and the strictest security precautions.

South Sudan insurance – quick facts

  • The security situation can deteriorate rapidly
  • Carefully consider your security arrangements before traveling to and around South Sudan
  • International health insurance in South Sudan is essential, along with cover for emergency evacuation 

Get the right insurance for South Sudan


  • Specialist South Sudan insurance – can include protection for personnel, property, vehicles equipment, crews and equipment
  • We can cover all of your business liabilities in South Sudan and help you to understand and meet contractual and local insurance obligations

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  • Due to the high risks to personal security, specialist South Sudan insurance is advised for visitors and expats
  • We can cover you for life, personal accident, personal disability, medical emergencies, evacuation and other specialist insurance needs, including kidnap and ransom cover

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Potential dangers in South Sudan

After decades of civil war, in 2011 South Sudan seceded from Sudan to become the world’s newest country. Hopes for peace were high, its people unified by their overwhelming yes vote for the secession. However, ethnic tensions soon arose between the two main groups, the Dinka and the Nuer and erupted into bloody violence.

In July 2013 the president, Salvar Kir, himself a Dinka, sacked his deputy Riek Machar, a Nuer, whom he accused of trying to stage a coup. Following this, the army split, violence escalated and Mr Muchar is now widely regarded as the rebel leader.

Fighting has been widespread and over a million people have been forced from their homes. The fighting has been mainly focused on trying to gain control of the country’s considerable oil resources and consequently oil production has fallen and many foreign nationals working in the industry have been evacuated.

Though a ceasefire has been in place since May 2013 the security situation remains fragile. Obviously this presents numerous risks for visitors and expats. Even before the recent fighting, the country was awash with weapons, its infrastructure poor and its healthcare almost non-existent.

Anyone thinking of travelling, working or doing business in South Sudan should be aware standard travel and business insurance policies will be in no way adequate. Specialist protection should be arranged to provide high levels of cover that will remain effective in the event of war or terrorism. Comprehensive medical and emergency evacuation insurance is vital. Kidnap and ransom insurance may also be advised since a number of foreign nationals have been kidnapped in the recent past.



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Latest advice from the FCO

The FCO advise against all travel to South Sudan. If you remain in South Sudan you should follow political developments closely. Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.

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