It is paramount to get high-risk Iraq insurance before travelling to this turbulent Middle Eastern country. The political and security situation has become extremely dangerous since Islamic State swept across large swathes of the country in June 2014. Anyone visiting should have Iraq insurance covering life, personal accident, health and property with provision for war and terrorism included.

Iraq insurance – quick facts

  • There is a high risk of war and terrorism
  • International health insurance in Iraq is essential, along with cover for emergency evacuation
  • There is a high-risk of kidnapping, particularly westerners – kidnap and ransom insurance can be arranged
  • The political and security situation could deteriorate rapidly

Get the right insurance for Iraq


  • Specialist Iraq insurance – can include protection for personnel, property, vehicles, and equipment, plus crews and cargoes for offshore activities
  • We can cover all of your business liabilities in Iraq and help you to understand and meet contractual and local insurance obligations

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  • Due to limited medical facilities and the high risks to personal security, specialist Iraq insurance is advised for all visitors and expats
  • We can cover you for life, personal accident, personal disability, medical emergencies, evacuation and other specialist insurance needs, including kidnap and ransom cover

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Potential dangers in Iraq

Modern Iraq rests on the site of Mesopotamia, the world’s oldest civilisation. Recent decades have seen it immersed in war and conflict. It hasn’t been a safe place for westerners since the 2003 US-led invasion, however the security situation has deteriorated much, much further since June 2014 when Islamic State (IS) fighters swept rapidly and brutally across large swathes of the country. The risk from suicide bombs, roadside bombs, shooting, ambush and kidnap is high throughout the country.

Specialist Iraq insurance with war and terrorism cover is a crucial priority for anyone going to work there, in whatever capacity. You should also ensure you have robust security arrangements in place for accommodation and travel and keep up to date with the local and national situation.

IS are known to be specifically targeting nationals from those countries supporting the US-led coalition against them. There is a high-risk of hostage taking, so kidnap and ransom insurance might be advised.

Poor medical facilities and the high risk of injury and disease means that comprehensive health insurance in Iraq has to be comprehensive and must include cover for emergency evacuation and repatriation. It’s important to note that standard insurance is invalid in Iraq, so even an everyday medical emergency like appendicitis or a road traffic accident would not be covered by ordinary policies, even though it may have no relation to the troubles there.

Bellwood Prestbury is experienced in providing international health, liability, kidnap and life insurance in Iraq. Our clients include security personnel, logistics companies, individual civilians working on US and UK military contracts, UN, NGO and charity workers, and many other occupations.



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Latest Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice

The FCO advise against all travel to specific regions and all but essential travel to all other regions. There is high risk of terrorism. Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.

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