Specialist Haiti insurance to provide health cover, personal accident, kidnapping and life cover should all be considered before you travel here. The fragile security situation following the devastating earthquake in 2010 means that most standard insurance policies are unlikely to be valid.

Haiti insurance – quick facts

  • The political and security situation can be volatile
  • International health insurance in Haiti is essential, along with cover for emergency evacuation
  • There have been incidents of kidnapping in Port-au-Prince
  • Road travel can present hazards due to poor maintenance and safety standards, and the risk robbery at illegal roadblocks

Get the right insurance for Haiti


  • Specialist Haiti insurance – can include protection for personnel, property, vehicles and equipment
  • We can cover all of your business liabilities in Haiti and help you to understand and meet contractual and local insurance obligations

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  • Due to limited medical facilities and potential risks to personal security, specialist Haiti insurance is advised for visitors and expats
  • We can cover you for life, personal accident, personal disability, medical emergencies, evacuation and other specialist insurance needs

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Potential dangers in Haiti

Haiti is still struggling in aftermath of the huge 2010 earthquake, the hurricane of 2012 and recurring cholera epidemics.

However, progress has been made, with over 89% of the displaced population having left the camps and cholera cases half those of 2010. Most of the rubble in Port-au-Prince has now been cleared and rebuilding is underway. However poverty, political instability and poor infrastructure still present challenges, as does Haiti’s propensity for natural disaster.

Although most people here have coped with their losses with remarkable dignity, the sheer scale and hopelessness of the situation has led to an inevitable rise in crime. Armed robberies, burglary and mugging are all on the increase. Individuals have been kidnapped at their residence, workplace and from vehicles. Kidnappers do not discriminate on the basis of nationality, religion, gender, age or profession – even if you are engaged on a humanitarian enterprise you should remain vigilant and avoid travel after dark. Kidnap and ransom insurance may be appropriate. Keep up to date with the local situation, and make arrangements for your security throughout your stay. Avoid traveling alone.

The political situation is uncertain and there have been a number of demonstrations in Port-au-Prince and other cities. These can become violent and should be avoided.

Road travel presents many hazards, with poor driving and safety standards, huge potholes and the risk of flooding. There have been incidents of criminal gangs robbing setting up roadblocks and robbing vehicles.

Health and hospital services are extremely overstretched and not of a standard most westerners expect. Personal accident cover including medical evacuation for emergencies is recommended as part of any Haiti insurance provision.

You should drink only boiled or bottled water and avoid ice in drinks. Only eat well-cooked food and avoid salads. If you suffer from diarrhoea you should seek immediate medical attention.

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Latest Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice

The FCO advise against all travel to some specific areas of Port au Prince. Hurricane season runs from June to November. Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.

Latest FCO Advice