It is essential to have the right Egypt insurance in place before travelling or working in this extraordinary North African country. Standard holiday insurance is likely to be valid for Cairo or the coastal resorts, but you may need specialist insurance for some areas, some occupations and extended visits.

Egypt – quick facts

  • Political demonstrations can turn extremely violent
  • There is a threat of terrorism
  • International health insurance in Egypt is essential, along with cover for emergency evacuation
  • Road, rail and boat travel can be hazardous due to poor maintenance, safety standards 

Get the right insurance for Egypt


  • Specialist Egypt insurance –protection for personnel, property, vehicles, equipment and inclusion of political evacuation and medical evacuation insurance
  • We can cover all your business liabilities in Egypt and help you to understand and meet contractual and local insurance obligations

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  • Given the potential risk to personal security and problems of poor regional infrastructure and healthcare, specialist Egypt insurance is strongly advised for visitors and expats
  • We can cover you for life, personal accident, personal disability, medical emergencies, evacuation and other specialist insurance needs

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Potential problems in Egypt

With its incredible history and ancient cultural and architectural heritage, Egypt captures the imagination like no other country in the world; it is one of the most popular tourist destinations of all time. But since the Arab Spring uprising in 2011 you can’t always count on a trouble-free stay in modern day Egypt – and it pays to make sure you have the right Egypt insurance protection in place.

In 2011 protests led to the over throw of President Hosni Mubarak ending his 30 year rule. Elections the following year were won by the Islamic brotherhood with Mohammed Morsi as its president. However in 2013, the demonstrators were back in Tahrir Square protesting at what they saw as the Brotherhood’s move towards hard-line Islamist rule. The military joined the protestors to oust Morsi in a move that saw 100s killed, and a period of military rule ensued until the May 2014 election. This was won by former army chief Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, leaving many concerned that this is effectively a return to military rule.

The Egypt of today has been polarised, and indeed brutalised, by recent events. The new government has cracked down harshly on supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood , which it has declared a terrorist organisation. Meanwhile across the country there has been a growing Islamist insurgency. Attacks are mainly focussed on government and security forces, however attacks on foreign nationals and tourist resorts can’t be ruled out.

Demonstrations and protests are common across the country. These can become extremely violent, even fatal and there are numerous reports of rape and sexual assaults. Keep up to date with the local political and security situation and be ready to leave the area should the situation deteriorate or a demonstration begin.

Be conscious of your surroundings at all times, as well as of your passport and valuables. Since the turbulence began, there has been an increase in muggings, break-ins and carjackings. Use hotel safes and be aware of pickpockets and bag snatchers.

A significant number of cases of sexual assault against British nationals have been reported, many occurring in ‘safe’ environments such as hotel premises. Remember that alcohol can make you vulnerable to crimes of all kinds. Road travel can be hazardous.

Due to the poor road conditions and dangerous driving, accidents are very common. If you are a passenger in a vehicle travelling at unsafe speed, be firm about telling the driver to slow down. If driving, do not go outside of main cities and resorts after dark, and make sure your Egypt insurance includes robust cover against accident and injury.

River and sea travel can also be dangerous. If you plan to use Red Sea ferries or Nile cruisers, be aware that overcrowding and poor safety standards have led to several accidents. Piracy can be a problem – small or slow boats should travel in convoy where possible.

Check the safety standards of diving and water activities operators, and make sure that your Egypt insurance includes adequate cover for the costs of air/sea rescue.

Medical facilities outside Cairo are likely to be basic. Your Egypt medical insurance should cover the cost of hospitalisation and medical repatriation if necessary.



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Latest advice from the FCO

The FCO advise against all travel to certain areas, and all but essential travel to some other parts of Egypt. There is a high threat of terrorism. Attacks targeting foreigners in tourist resorts and elsewhere can’t be ruled out. Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.

Latest FCO Advice