Whether you’re a company or contractor operating in Afghanistan, insurance should be top of your list. Insurance in Afghanistan – be it personal health or life cover, or group cover for equipment and liabilities, must include special war and terrorism provisions.

Afghanistan insurance – quick facts

  • No part of Afghanistan can be considered safe from terrorism
  • International health insurance in Afghanistan is essential, along with cover for emergency evacuation
  • Foreign nationals, particularly westerners, are a favoured target of kidnappers– consider kidnap and ransom insurance
  • Foreign nationals and places where foreign nationals are known to gather are frequently a target of terrorist attacks 

Get the right insurance for Afghanistan


  • Specialist Afghanistan insurance – our cover includes war and terrorism provision, and can include liability cover and protection for personnel, property and assets as well as defence base act insurance for US military or public works contracts outside of the US.
  • As a specialist in insurance for high-risk territories, we can help you to understand and meet all of your contractual and local insurance obligations

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  • We can cover you for life, personal accident, medical emergencies, evacuation, kidnap and ransom and other specialist insurance needs
  • With the high threat of terrorism throughout Afghanistan, high-risk insurance is essential for contractors on assignment here

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Potential dangers in Afghanistan what risks might you encounter?

Afghanistan has suffered a continuous state of war since the late 1970s and visiting foreign nationals should be aware of the precautions needed, including having robust Afghanistan insurance cover in place before travelling.

The threat from roadside bombs, suicide bombs, indirect fire, ambush and kidnapping of both local and foreign nationals is high and travel should only be undertaken with the strictest security measures. Obviously standard travel insurance in Afghanistan is not valid.

Medical emergency and evacuation cover is strongly advised as part of any Afghanistan insurance package. This would apply equally to a medical emergency like appendicitis or a road traffic accident, since healthcare is extremely poor by western standards.



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Latest Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice

The FCO advises against all travel to most regions and all but essential travel to all others. There is a high threat from terrorism and kidnapping. If you travel to Afghanistan you should have adequate and continuous professional close security arrangements and review them regularly.

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