Key features

  • Protection for your property, assets, plant, machinery, and revenue (business interruption)
  • Coverage for civil commotions, riots, strikes, malicious damage and sabotage
  • Seizure and nationalisation are covered as well as acts of war and terrorism
  • Confiscation, expropriation, nationalisation (CEN), and deprivation (CEND) insurance
  • Cover can be obtained independently or packaged with other business insurances

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Protection for your assets

Increases in political instability and the possibility of disruption and loss in the wake of social uprising has become a reality for many companies operating in high-risk regions and developing areas throughout the Middle East and Africa and has demonstrated the importance of carrying terrorism and political violence insurance.

Regular and more frequent attacks are being carried out in the public arena; not just on government buildings - airports, shopping malls, construction projects, refineries and manufacturing facilities are amongst recent high-profile targets.

International political violence insurance

Political violence events are highly unpredictable and can have a major impact upon a business’ property and assets and the ability to continue trading.

Political violence insurance (or PV cover) protects your assets and we can create a tailored programme to meet your needs and help minimise your exposure to the perils of political violence. In most cases, standard property policies do not adequately cover the full consequences of political violence or terrorism.



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