Key features

  • High-risk business travel insurance where standard policies are invalid
  • Cover for people, possessions and travel inconvenience
  • Cover for lost or stolen items, accidents and medical emergencies
  • Valid in politically unstable regions, conflict zones and remote regions

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Specialist travel insurance for business people

If your business sends people to hostile regions, including politically unstable countries, war or terrorist zones, post disaster or remote areas, you may find that standard international business travel insurance is not valid.

Bellwood Prestbury specialises in high-risk travel insurance for companies who need proper protection in some of the world’s most challenging regions.

We regularly organise cover for companies with international employees working in war or terrorist zones like Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. We provide high-risk travel insurance for people working in high crime areas including some notorious regions in Africa and the Middle East.

As an independent expert, we can organise high-risk travel insurance that will provide protection for your people and their belongings, covering lost or stolen items, accidents and medical emergencies, including risks from war and terrorism. It will compensate for disrupted travel and hotel bookings when natural disasters, political events or the failure of carriers disrupt travel plans.



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