Key features

  • US law requires all employers to secure Defense Base Act workers' compensation insurance for US military or public works outside of the US

  • DBA insurance includes medical, accidental death, and disability cover

  • Coverage for contracts in Afghanistan and Iraq

  • Coverage for engineers, consultants, logistical support services and security companies

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DBA insurance – legally required for US military contracts

Defense Base Act insurance or DBA insurance is provided to employers to protect against injury incurred by an employee arising out of the course of employment and is a legal requirement for all contractors and subcontractors working on US military or public works outside of the US.

Bellwood Prestbury is an expert at providing international insurance for companies and individuals in war zones and high-risk areas, and as such we regularly arrange Defense Base Act insurance for expatriate workforces and contractors – particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq.

If you operate a contract with the US military or are involved with civil or humanitarian contracts with US Government departments outside the US, you are legally obliged to cover your workers with DBA insurance. Failure to do so can lead to loss of contracts and leave you open to legal action in the US Federal courts. If an employee or contractor were injured or killed without DBA insurance in place, your organisation would be directly liable for large compensation costs. Defense Base Act insurance – immediate response Working with corporates, we know that

Defense Base Act insurance is often required at short notice.

Our experience in organising DBA insurance cover means that we can quickly respond to your needs, organising cover for any contract anywhere in the world. Our experience also enables us to advise you on any other additional cover that may be advisable based on your specific circumstances, such as emergency medical evacuation insurance, additional global life and accident insurance, international liability insurance or international cargo insurance for example.



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Defense Base Act Insurance for company in Afghanistan

Defense Base Act Insurance for company in Afghanistan

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