Maritime Security Insurance

With the very real threat of an attack from pirates, more and more shipping companies passing through piracy hotspots are employing specialist armed private security teams for protection.

Bellwood Prestbury are well known experts in the maritime security industry and have been looking after the insurance requirements of maritime security firms for many years.

One such firm to call on this expertise is leading maritime security operator Ocean Protection Services (OPS). OPS specialises in protecting vessels passing through the Indian Ocean and surrounding areas including the Mozambique Channel, Gulf of Oman and Gulf of Aden.

Simon Tindall, Director at OPS, turned to Bellwood Prestbury for a solution: “As members of The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI), I was aware that Bellwood Prestbury provided insurance for several SAMI members so I approached them for a comprehensive maritime insurance solution to cover all our operations.”

Continuing, Simon Tindall added: “Bellwood Prestbury provided the perfect solution for OPS. We only pay for our cover as and when we use it. We don’t have to fill in new forms or involve individual personnel each time. It’s reassuring to know that our personnel will be covered with comprehensive insurance from the moment they start a job.”

Bellwood Prestbury have a tried and tested solution: a maritime security insurance package, GUARDCON compliant, underwritten through Lloyd’s of London, which OPS can simply utilise on a daily basis while personnel are at sea.

Coral Parfitt, Global Insurance Consultant at Bellwood Prestbury, added: “To meet the flexibility OPS needed our experienced Account Managers to control a monthly travel listing ensuring that OPS only pay for the exact number of ‘at risk’ days each month.”

To find out more about maritime security insurance or other high risk insurance solutions, please call our expert team on: +44 (0) 1242 584 558.

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