International Vehicle Insurance for Transport Research Laboratory

1 August 2013

Bellwood Prestbury have arranged an international vehicle insurance programme for TRL, the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory. TRL provide research, consultancy and product testing, covering all aspects of transport, and required specialist cover for their fleet of vehicles located in Mozambique and other regions across mainland Africa.

TRL were approaching their annual policy renewal date and wanted to make certain they were getting the best deal from their existing insurer. Bellwood Prestbury carried out a comprehensive audit of TRL’s insurance arrangements, and were able to enhance the cover and reduce the annual premium, achieving cost savings in the region of 10%. Cover was subsequently arranged, using underwriting facilities at Lloyd’s of London, the world’s leading specialist insurer.

Claudia Leven-Torres, SHEQ Advisor at TRL, was really pleased with the outcome of Bellwood Prestbury’s no-cost audit: “It’s been invaluable to have an independent expert who really knows the market negotiate on our behalf. Bellwood Prestbury have successfully maintained our current level of cover and enabled TRL as a business to save money.  The advice and assistance provided throughout the process has been excellent.”

As global insurance specialists Bellwood Prestbury have the experience and expertise to design comprehensive and cost-effective international insurance programmes in the world’s most remote, challenging and high-risk regions.

To find out more about the international vehicle insurance packages that Bellwood Prestbury can provide, please call +44 (0) 1242 584 558 or email

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