High-Risk Life Insurance for Oil & Gas Contractors

3 October 2012

Bellwood Prestbury have helped an energy contractor secure oil and gas insurance when his existing insurer refused to renew cover, due to the contractor’s work taking him offshore. 

The engineer, who works in the oil & gas sector, had life insurance with an expat insurance provider. At renewal his existing insurer made the decision to exclude cover when working offshore. 

Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon, with insurers routinely turning down offshore workers, many individuals finding themselves in this position don’t believe they can get insurance – the good news is, they can. 

As a Lloyd’s Coverholder, Bellwood Prestbury immediately arranged the contractor’s life insurance underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. Stuart Dix, a global insurance consultant at Bellwood Prestbury, explains: “Because we have access to specialist underwriting facilities at Lloyd’s of London, we have yet to find a request for international life insurance we couldn’t help with. As we handle this type of enquiry, day in, day out, we can get the cover in place at very short notice.”

Bellwood Prestbury specialise in providing insurance solutions to people working in high-risk occupations and/or remote locations, from offshore oil & gas contractors to armed private security contractors.

If you perform a high-risk occupation or your work takes you to remote or dangerous places, and  would like to find out more about your international life insurance options, please call our team of experts on +44 (0) 1242 584 558.

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