High-risk business insurance for the charity that rescues stray dogs from Afghanistan and Iraq

Bellwood Prestbury is delighted to be providing former Royal Marine Sergeant “Pen” Farthing’s charity, Nowzad dogs, with high risk business insurance that enables him to continue his rewarding work.

It all began when Pen, on a tour of duty in the Now Zad area of Afghanistan, stopped a dog fight and one of the dogs adopted him. This dog, christened Nowzad by the Royal Marines stationed there, was soon joined by a number of strays – presumably alerted by some canine telegraph or ‘dog and bone’ to the possibility of two square meals a day from the Royal Marines’ left-overs.

To cut a long (shaggy dog) story short (you can read the full heart-warming story on the Nowzad website), Pen and his wife managed to bring Nowzad and one of his friends Tali home to England. The dogs now enjoy a loving home in southern England, and have also become canine celebrities, featured on TV documentaries and invited to Crufts as finalists in the ‘Friends for Life’ category.

Pen has since set up the charity Nowzad, rescuing stray and abandoned animals in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has also written two entertaining books about his exploits: “No Place Like Home” and “One Dog at a Time”.

Bellwood Prestbury provides Pen with high risk business insurance when he visits both countries, ensuring that he has the global life and accident insurance, emergency medical evacuation insurance and the international disability insurance cover he needs.

Nowzad has now overseen the re-homing of a number of dogs, helping soldiers who have become attached to dogs while on duty to bring them home to both the UK and the US.

If your work takes you to dangerous places, Bellwood Prestbury can organise high risk business insurance to cover your people, property or business activities. To find out more, please call our expert team on +44 (0) 1242 584 558.

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