Expat bespoke product

Bellwood Prestbury was selected to create a bespoke expat private medical insurance product for the Expat Network, a UK association with 5,500 members living or working abroad.

Our task was to create a bespoke expatriate medical insurance policy and design a table of benefits that would cater for a broad scope of members, from people with young families posted abroad, to retirees on the Costa Brava.

Our approach was to design a three-tier product offering Platinum, Gold and Silver benefits with the option to add valuable dental riders and hazardous sports. Rather than using a branded medical insurer, we arranged underwriting directly through Lloyd’s of London, and appointed an international administration company to support online signup and to handle emergency assistance in any part of the world.

Our experience enabled us to create a plan that costs members significantly less than well known branded products, while offering comparable benefits. We have cut out exclusions for certain occupations such as offshore workers, and oil and gas workers, that were unable to use the previous Expat Network scheme. Online sign-up is simple, and claims procedures are much easier for members.

Expat Network has seen a major increase in take-up for their exclusive product and is enjoying the renaissance of a potentially lucrative online income stream.

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