Bespoke international liability insurance for British Foreign & Commonwealth Office

The tender from the FCO invited insurance firms to devise a scheme that would provide cover for staff, their spouses and children, should they have an adverse reaction to their H1N1 (Swine Flu) immunisation programme.

The primary concern at the FCO was that their Locally Employed (Third country national) staff and families should have access to comparable benefits as they would if they were stationed in the UK. This meant Locally Employed staff members needed to be covered for death, dismemberment, permanent and total disablement and medical expenses, should they or members of their family suffer an adverse reaction within 60 days of being given the H1N1 vaccination.

For Bellwood Prestbury, the challenge was two-fold, as Peter Bellwood explains: “There is no standard product that covers all of these requirements. The FCO needed a bespoke international liability insurance policy. The second issue was that it potentially needed to cover up to 32,000 people living and working in almost every country in the world.”

Bellwood Prestbury responded to the challenge by creating tailor-made cover adapted from an international Personal Accident policy underwritten by Lloyd’s, London.

This policy was the only practical solution to emerge from the FCO tendering process, confirming that Bellwood Prestbury is one of the few firms with the international expertise needed to devise and deliver this kind of bespoke cover on a global scale.

The FCO made the cover available to its Locally Employed staff and families in countries where the vaccine was not locally available, and implemented the policy for staff members opting for immunisation between January and February 2011.

The FCO was delighted with Bellwood Prestbury’s response to the tender. Diana Nelson, Team Leader – Health and Welfare at FCO said: “I am very impressed by and grateful for the way you responded to our initial queries, followed them up and identified the best solution for our needs. You were the only organisation to do so, so we will certainly approach you in the future and recommend you to others. I think your own customer service skills are second to none – thank you.”

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