It’s important to get the right level of Ethiopia insurance before you travel or begin operations there. Inter-tribal conflict, border disputes, poor infrastructure and healthcare can present problems to the visitor. Any Ethiopia insurance plan needs to take this into account and may need to include specialist cover for high risks areas.


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Latest Advice from the FCO

Latest Advice from the FCO

  • The FCO advice is against ALL travel to specific areas of Ethiopia
  • The FCO advice is against ALL BUT ESSENTIAL travel to Jijiga town
  • There is a high threat of kidnapping in Ethiopia’s Somali region, particularly in the eastern areas to which the FCO advise against all travel. There is also a threat of kidnapping along the Eritrea-Ethiopian border. In 2012, a group of foreign tourists were attacked in the Danakil region. Five were killed. Two foreign tourists were kidnapped and later released.

Latest FCO Advice


Getting the right type and level of Ethiopia insurance is vital. Bellwood Prestbury can help you create the right level of cover for individuals or companies, including:

  • Global life and accident insurance – provides a lump sum in the event of your death, or compensation for injury due to accident or violent crime sustained in Ethiopia
  • Kidnap insurance – westerners have been targeted in Ethiopia. Kidnap and Ransom Insurance has become more and more essential for global employees and individual contractors working in dangerous, remote or high profile situations all over the world.
  • Medical emergency evacuation insurance – international medical insurance in Ethiopia is essential, as is provision for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation
  • International liability insurance – this can cover anything from protecting products and services, to covering public liability claims


Africa’s oldest country is a land of dramatic varied landscapes and fascinating history, yet it is best known for the tragedy of its droughts, famines and war with Eritrea. It is currently regarded as one of Africa’s more stable states though it continues to be one of its poorest.

The FCO advice is against travel to many of the country’s border areas due to ongoing military activity, inter-tribal conflict and border disputes. The Eritrean border is particularly volatile, and the Somali, Sudanese and Kenyan borders are also very dangerous. Gambella in western Ethiopia should also be avoided.

The healthcare system is wholly inadequate by western standards and comprehensive international medical insurance in Ethiopia is strongly advised and must include cover for emergency evacuation and repatriation.

Workers and tourists have been targeted for kidnap in the north-east of the country. There is a threat from terrorism likely to be targeted at western interests, though there have not been any attacks to date. There have been some minor bombings and violent demonstrations in Addis Ababa related to ongoing controversy over elections.

Although violent crime is relatively rare, petty theft is common in Addis Ababa.

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